The following miso recipes are arranged by Ms. Ohashi, who has a broad knowledge of soy bean paste. These recipes will help you better enjoy excellent miso.
  Recipe of the month
Tofu flavoured with Saikyo miso
Grilled chicken thighs with miso
Deep-fried pork seasoned with miso
November recipe1
 Mackerel Marinade seasoned with Kinzanji miso
 Pickles with Rice malt and miso
November recipe2
 Stir-fried Aubergine with miso
 Miso rice flavoured with gingers
October recipe1
 Hoba(Magnolia leaf) Miso
 Miso soup wit Kabocha squash and Japanese ginger
October recipe2
 Natto(fermented soybeans)Miso Lightly fried in Fushimi-style
 Steamed sweet potato cake Miso Flavour
Recipe of September
 MISO Cookies
 Kamaboko marinade withKinzanji miso
Recipe of August
 Hiyashi-jiru(Cold miso soup for summer, prepared in Miyazaki,Kyushu)
 Steamed shimeji and tuna rice seasoned with tuna
Recipe of July
 Jyajya Noodles(Chinese Noodles with minced meat sauce)
 Mizuna and littleneck clams seasoned with Karashizu-miso sauce
Recipe of June
 Chicken salad with original miso dressing
 Rice cake miso soup with turnip and deep-fried tofu
Recipe of May
 Beef and daikon cooked in miso sauce
 Miso pork cutlet bowl
Recipe of April
 Pickled vegetables in fresh rice malt and miso
 Mackerel cooked in soybean sauce

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